Vyrant – Exordium (2018)

An exord – or preface – is the introductory portion of an oration in order to prepare the audience in a favorable frame of mind. A good choice of name for the Australian trio’s first record of VYRANT. Although it is far from being their first attempt – a self-titled demo and an EP named RuinationExordium is therefore presented as being the first parpend of this obscure named band.

In light of its solid eight tracks, the group displays a early GOJIRA-like Death Metal notably through Creed track or even more on Dethroned. That does not prevent them to draw on their influences from elsewhere like Thrash, Groove or even Black scene. Exordium is generally shaped on the traditional scheme with nervous verses and more aerial choruses. The advantage is that we more easily notice the boldness of the band. There are great surprises as crescendo transitions – the calm before the storm – on The Arsonist‘s or Vore bridge, where the latter will be detailed a bit further.

However, the discovery’s impact may rapidly fade to make room for sameness where the whole becomes repetitive if we get distracted. Some tracks are more or less the same in spite of the rhythms plethora of their constituent parts and the might of a few. Warmachine is a riffs onslaught that could shift well from a Core tempo like LAMB OF GOD – with subtle but edgy breakdowns – to a Black Metal blast. It is mainly in substance on Vore which has really got what it takes to be Exordium‘s hit song. It brings heavy and fat verses on the table while switching between neck cracker and pounding blast, then following up on a chorus that is part of the song’s fluent continuity and even prior the break. This continues with a drum and bass solo, short before the incoming soft but ominous vibe, leaving a huge concrete block of Damocles which will eventually drop as outro and will wreck our nuchal anatomy.

This is just a bit of a sidebar but the use of post-production effects, like the canon warning shots on Gustav and Warmachine, could be improved if not removed. The volume difference when coupled with saturation gives the impression that the music jumps as in the days of the walkmans era. A needless feature that doesn’t add much more to an active and skilled drums ; so well that the guitar could benefit from being brought to the fore as percussions overtakes strings. The impact is all the more amplified when listened with a headphone as good hearing is needed to give notice about the instrument’s subtlety. Moreover, it might be wise if the bass outperforms and breaks free from the guitar by setting its own pace or even its own fifteen minutes of fame during the simple sweeping of its sister.

So we can say this is a successful oral for VYRANT who win hands down their rhetoric exam with a convincing Exordium. A few adjustments remain that they will in the light of experience but the band puts its first step into the Metal scene with honors from the jury.

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