Synthetische Lebensform – Extravagant (2017)

After it has been checked, this is not an album from FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY discography but indeed Extravagant, second SYNTHETISCHE LEBENSFORM‘s release which is currently playing. Isolated at this time in Murmansk, Russian peninsula of Kola, the duet hopes to turn the situation around with its blend of modern and old-school Industrial music. We recognize in a row the inspiration of the greatest: FLA on Dead Sunlight, Ghost Shadows with its synth approach of NITZER EBB‘s Control I’m Here or even the Futurpop VNV NATION singing of Virus. That is where lie in the strength of this opus.

SYNTHETISCHE LEBENSFORM brings the best of the Industrial music to focus them in a various product. Generator B or Bright Worn Gears are sweating old-school EBM. Back to Reality‘s cheap synth or the mechanical voice of Impact of Technology come to be grafted on a organically vibe and should pleased Retrowave’s listeners. Excellent and Bomb, for their part, speed up the rhythm to reveal the best of the Electro-Indus. The two last one tracks assume the role of combo breaker in order to finish the album into heaviness with hefty basses over faster pace. Special mention to UltraCorps which is the greatest hit of Extravagant.

Definitively a name you should hear soon on the dance floors, SYNTHETISCHE LEBENSFORM should gain a reputation quickly. Several tracks are eligible to be a hit but are, unfortunately, too much soaked by their initial inspiration. Extravagant is an album which has a best-of level of the Industrial scene greatest though. Whether it be nostalgia or scene lover, it’s worth a listen.

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