Stan Grewzell – Odyssey (2017)

With only after a few EP over a decade focusing on quality instead of quantity, STAN GREWZELL finally takes the leap with a double record as very first stone of his discography. Let’s take our own nightmares to this lone paranoid Odyssey of empties corridors, endless falls on bottomless pits and oppressing vibes.

Before going further of this two hours nightmarish journey it’s better to know – for the newbies – that the Industrial Techno (also known as Darkcore or Doomcore) is darker than its Hardcore relative from it stem from. Articulated on a slow but heavy and distorted beat per minute, Rhythmic Noise or Dark Ambient fans should find it easy to make their mark. After all, Industrial and Techno scenes have the same forebears such as FRONT 242 or EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN.

Well, if this has piqued your curiosity let’s see if your attention can be drawn. If Techno often rhymes with repetitions, the Teutonic STAN GREWZELL reaches to modulate the initial beat including basses of any kind without its redundancies. We can’t prevent a headbang on Hacked and its cyberpunk themed nightclub pace ; or on 1707 which we gently swaying from the first seconds to this hypnotic and chromatic tempo. For its part, Suddenly Agravic slows down an already weighing rhythm for the subwoofer’s delight dancing hakken only by its tremors. Keep Pace is the most nervous of the record by allowing itself various rhythmics and running riot without slackening while injecting a quite stressful emotion emphasized by harassing melodies from all around.

These sundry melodies are thus subtle but noticeable though ; enough to create a different landscape for each track while keeping the artist’s identity. Routine‘s typical bass drums and slight distortions of the Happy Hardcore antagonist are here only occasionally and cleverly used instead of being spammed like any other modern production. These short tunes are disrupting the listener while playing with surround effects : we are turning around, we are seeking on the left side of our right and sometimes startling to this psychotic and utter immersion. The freak keyboard of Corridors leak a mocking grin out within the dark tracks of the record as if madness finally takes over. Lastly, Sect close this Odyssey avec a Breakcore gradually morphing from a mechanical rhythmic into an more organic one. The music personifies itself through our encephalon to come out as one of a kind.

It’s on this last song the album’s concept can be summarized. STAN GREWZELL injects us a cold and mechanical music by means of intense beats and saturated distortions. However, we are not controlling what we are listening as Odyssey is a journey for the tune first and foremost. We are only the host of this latter devouring our soul. The mechanical aspect corrupts our veins leading to music even more transcendent, individual, alive.

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