Sectioned – Annihilated (2018)

Many studies considered that listening Metal music might help about anger catalyst and thus to calm down. On that basis, we should end totally relaxed and wrecked after the Scottish SECTIONED‘s new record, already known as the most extreme Mathcore album of the year. With such a name like Annihilated, it’s like awaiting an incoming train on the railroads. Will you stay for the hit?

Let’s getting ourselves in a good shape at first. SECTIONED build their songs by alternating coordination and disorder. We can find on a same track some technical and skilled moments through a pretty interesting flowing drumming into this chaos, and the so-called cataclysmic mayhem where squeaking, chirping, distortions, hammering, etc are bursting from everywhere. A both creative and destructive madness where timeouts, breaks, or even the more distinctive Post-Metal « aerial » moments – like in Synchronicity – are only strident sounds and hearing assaults.

There is absolutely no respite. We are here in a steady aural ultra violence where smashing our head with a perpend bound seems like to be more fluffier to soften the auditory shock that is Annihilated. Even the opening track is already making us eat dirt at the first seconds. Betrayer is characterized by a short limping intro which soon start to run again in a erratic way while crushing every wall in sight. This track is precisely the definition of what brutality is, although Victorious, Neverending is not bad either: a big musical chaos remaining controlled and held back… Well, it is a way of saying since it explodes all around especially at the end of the song which is a huge blast of furious riffs.

We only reproach a small lack of distinction regarding the tracks which are slightly all alike. If would a riff here or a blast there that will make us remember one song rather than another. The voice consistency also goes in this direction: screaming are for screaming as sole purpose and there is no variation in the vocal spectrum. That’s a great outlet by the way. Despite this, SECTIONED manage to bring out a kind of extreme music melting-pot where Starved Lives falls within Deathgrind whereas Portrait is a hint to Nintendocore. Eigengrau draws from Slam Brutal Death on its side with a voice reminding the TODAY IS DAY‘s one: howled and saturated.

In a nutshell, Annihilated is an exhausting record which will drain all your energy to smash it against you in the face with no restraint afterwards. Being struck by a train seems like to be less painful after having experienced it. Brace yourself to be shattered, sectioned then annihilated.

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