Iron Court – Artificial Forest (2017)

Push all your furniture away and wipe everything within range of arms because you will need space to make a last-minute dancefloor while listening to Artificial Forest. Do not forget also the speakers and subwoofer arsenal! It’s after three EPs of three tracks each within three years that Eugenio Garelli – the one hiding behind Italian project IRON COURT – seems to give his household number away for his first real record.

It’s hard to assign a musical genre described as Dark Techno by its creator since the different and varied influences. IRON COURT has forged an alloy of a steel techno hammered by a rough EBM with industrial sounds and milled by electronic elements. Shocks coldly ring in this foundry where the only lights allowed are those coming from the molten tank bottoms and ears drilling strobe lights. Leading Streaked Skies is typical of this industrial atmosphere where steelmaking noises resonate in our limbs as it would lead us in a Fordism regulated by the latter. For its part, Tidy Lines of a Chessboard lets some open valves to enable some blasts emitted by those drilling machines when Source of Rips and Stab‘s shelling becomes too intense.

Beyond the raw material as main component, this one is contrasted by the electro-erosion of the synthetic melodies recalling techno golden era, including the rough resonance of Night March which should be called « Night Dance », the rhythm mechanically makes us dance the Prokofiev’s Steel Step all night. Black Clouds leads up to the machining through its treadmill to be manufactured under IRON COURT‘s company code. The approach is more electronic than industrial in which the product is firstly designed first in accordance to Paperworks blueprints with a more ubiquitous and organic synth like Fallen From Life.

This way these electronic elements remind the workers whom run all the machine tools in an euphonious machinery on behalf of IRON COURT. The manufacture known as Artificial Forest is the crucible of this multi-production steps foundry, from the electronic approach to the industrial process by an EBM qualified working force.

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