Deinonychus – Ode to Acts of Murder, Dystopia and Suicide (2017)

We wouldn’t expect any more for its release, and yet ten years after Warfare Machine that DEINONYCHUS finally comes back with their Nietzschian pessimistic vibes. The nihilism is ubiquitous in the band’s leader Marco Kehren’s muse whom is also behind Dark Ambiant project NIHIL NOVI SUB SOLE. With Ode to Acts of Murder, Dystopia and Suicide, we sink deeper into a nihilism interpreted at its peak and portrayed as a grayish face used, tired, weary by the mankind.

Ninth record of the band in over twenty years, the dinosaur has evolved from a rough Raw Black Metal to a heavier sound, where the Dutch have finally found their marks and their true identity on a music aiming to a slower Doom-like pace. The landscape has remained the same though: war; but not as a common gun fight. DEINONYCHUS transcribes it in its darkest hours of horrors where the imagination has been pushed back into its dismal edges. Dead Horse tears itself into a last breath crawling out the guts of the corpses mourned on Buried Under The Frangipanis, caused by the demons of Dusk enjoining us to push the boundaries of ethics.

We have fatally to ensure accountability sooner or later. The pervasive horror in this music is harassing, forcing ourselves to be disillusioned. DEINONYCHUS does not only hand-wringing as the band is screaming out its disgust of the world. On the glum ambience created by the melody and beyond the instruments, For This I Silent You unleashes all of its frustration in the same way as There Is No Eden, in which we find this riff again so specific to the Dutch. The latter is almost out of step with time and mainly alongside the slow and strangled melancholic singing as narrator of this nihilism’s hymn. Lastly, Silhouette spits the remaining bitterness accumulated throughout the record, between anger and sorrow.

True Nietzschian edifice, Ode to Acts of Murder, Dystopia and Suicide is a depressive requiem for the mankind’s will as we are only a mere shadow of ourselves awaiting the sudden Life Taker.

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