Datacode Division – Dissections (2017)

Let’s ear today an album from the American Industrial scene which has the merit to be chock-full of jewels like MINISTRY, VELVET ACID CHRIST or more recently 3TEETH. And when digging a little bit the underground side of the genre you can randomly find big surprises like Dissections of DATACODE DIVISION. This was, until now, a live project latterly embodied to studio.

Dissections starts with a shading intro of uncomfortable but intriguing atmosphere pointing to a more Electro-Indus approach rather than an Harsh one as suggested by the cover album. After an abrupt ending towards the first track Leper – which could have had a better transition – this will a priori announce an album without any continuity but to several indie tracks, confirming the Electro concept of the artist and not Indus.

Amazing discovery then; an Aggrotech-structured sound but with a more colder and unsettling industrial themed. Curiosity will be right on the codes of what we used to listen and we are going along with the game of mixed styles. The man behind DATACODE DIVISION, Bryen Sorg Olafsson, can therefore open his rhythmic range over a large selection.

The Industrial aspect is really present though. Erosion intends to be more noisier with a good oppressive vibe even if it’s only an intermission. Crisis and Sworn are more likely Martial in their percussions with a propaganda singing style like VON THRONSTAHL sometimes. Meanwhile, Misery in Industry is designed to an EBM influenced pace while maintaining a Dark Electro synth coupled with a voice saturated pitch. The latter remains unchanged throughout the whole album but is well-mastered to complete all the subgenres of the industrial scene. The melody of Retribution, at last, melts into the EBM rhythmic of the song. The Epilogue is shadier and quieter but hazy to complete Dissections: the drums pedalling hits hard. A last song on the level of ICE AGES with a lighter kick as could be an IRONHAND one.

Dissections is forging itself a good block between metallic pillars of the industrial factory by suggesting an well drafted alchemy of subgenres, for a symbiotic result. Emotions are well relayed and underground present. DATACODE DIVISION is a serious wise and skilled project which has everything to lure any Industrial fan.

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