Balance of Terror – World Laboratory (2017)

It’s been ages since a Brutal Death Metal band haven’t make my foreskin wriggle! Last to date was BENIGHTED and it was ten years ago. Saying the genre is swarming by bands as draft as their logo. So when you find a cover album showing something else than medical stuff or piles of cadavers we could expect a surprise that is different of a Goregrind ersatz. BALANCE OF TERROR stands out from the mass grave by not sinking into a strangled piglets cacophony but offering vocalize swing which disperse the repeating boredom. Between grunting, growling, squealing, shrieking, howling or slamming, it’s a whole range which is at our disposal to follow and reinforce the changes of pace, to emphasize crushing moments or even to shade heaviest ones.

After a short intro which looks more like to a warm-up than an intro one strictly speaking, we know what it’s about. This is literally without transition that World Laboratory starts for seven tracks of a total endless dynamical brutality. Songs are fluent themselves but when one ends the changeover to the following is a bit harsh though and we lost the common thread to appreciate the start. A paradoxical detail knowing that the main strength of BALANCE OF TERROR is in their intros. Tracks always begins from a chainsaw’s purr to a solid blast of broken limbs.

The well-structured set of first opus World Laboratory has some subtleties into the musical genre like Gap‘s heterogeneity in its rhythms changes or Erase‘s heavy riffs, Rest in Beast and its crushing grind or Ecclesiastical Putridity standing out of Brutal Death with its vocal game. With this album, BALANCE OF TERROR put a strong and firm first step into the extreme scene, emphasizing choices that put Death above Brutal resulting a mastered technicality of brutality sublimated by a large vocal spectrum.

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