Vicery – Vicery EP (2016)

Big surprises sometimes come from most unexpected places. Even if the Balkan scene has plenty of amateur bands like LAIBACH, it remains shy regarding Metal. Let’s have a look to Serbia where a young tandem named VICERY has spawned ; young by its forming date in 2016 but especially by its members age : 16yo singer Ivana and 21yo Elio on all instruments. We may expect an umpteenth garage band with gross sound and amateurish skills, yet it’s with awed this three tracks self-titled EP offers proper composition.

If the band intends an eclectic approach while mixing Nü, Groove, Death and Progressive Metal, it’s for the most part a Black Metal result which arise. However, despite the logo type, typo or cover album this is anything but raw or trve but a more groovy sound which could be categorized as Black n’ Roll. The monotonous voice is forgivable due to the young singer and should be as powerful as Runhild Gammelsæter (THORR’S HAMMER, SUNN O)))…) with a bit of work. Instrumentally is in the meantime well-mastered.

Drums are a requiem of brutality with a killing blast free of inaudible violence coupled with nervous strings unleashing powerful groovy energy. Chords shows during the verses of The Cult and Vicery are however not really adapted and as a result, songs lose cohesiveness. Thankfully the lead guitar can release all of its potential and this is a bold and crushing wrath which surges in heavy, tough and transcending soli. Furthermore, Dead is the most sturdy song architecturally speaking but Vicery is the heaviest one within its nervous intro, catchy choruses and headbangable bridges.

So with already a great work for youngsters and a professional production, VICERY have a huge potential for getting talked about in the near future. About that, a first album should pop up soon as the band has entered in studio since summer 2017.

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