Pesterous Mind – Infinite Abyss (2017)

PESTEROUS MIND describes its music as Melodic Death Metal and comes from Germany. After playing in various bands together, the musicians have finally found in this encumbered soul the perfect group since 2015. So, is a melting pot of various and sundry influences could lead to a same outcome? It should be known that we are far away from the stated musical style. The immense subgenres of the kind is being tested again.

Infinite Abyss is a heterogeneous record headbanging between Core and Metal which subtly knows how to pass through one type to another while keeping a Death spine. The frontier is thin, just as with Until Dawn or Paragon of Perfection in which we often cross the border from one side to an other without bothering the toll. Both subgenres are already varied enough that we easily find Brutal Death on Idiocracy, or Progressive Deathcore with Paragon of Perfection, or even Technical on Post Nubila Phoebus. This combination works well for the main part of the album but, however, singer’s shrieking are too much Core-axed and these do not always match with the Metal-oriented of the instrumental.

In the meantime, it could have been tough to keep a high level of quality on a one-hour record. Some tracks will inevitably be less catchy but luckily there is no big slackening of pace in which only beginning and ending are worth it. Laboratory of the Devil starts with a two-parts intro where the second one is a harsh cervical steamroll which comes again later in the song for the happiness of our physiotherapist. Further on, Samhain is switching between tortured requiem of screams and jerky rhythms pestered by fat growls. And the last but not the least… the song hinges on two parts where, after a short intermission, the bass collapses on a bridge crushed then by a wrecking ball. The following self-titled track Infinite Abysse respect its brutality quota although being more aerial. It trims the fat with a sharp riff in order to sniff these rashers of bacon before tripping on the funky outro.

But the main title of the Infinite Abyss is clearly the first one. Everybody knows the life cycle of a star when it comes to death by expanding before collapsing then vacuuming everything around? This sense of implosion when the growl comes like a shock wave sweeping all before it, is exactly the way in which Sentenced to Live might be described, allowing frustration to grow among us before massively dropping it. No glasses needed when comes the blow, it puts on quite a show to enjoy the flow.

In a nutshell, it’s difficult for Infinite Abyss to keeping pace with the sensational start of Sentenced to Live. But for a first shot, PESTEROUS MIND brings a solid record of a Death Metal more extreme than melodic without falling into pure brutality, which makes the whole built around a modern Core. A great discovery to round off the year 2017!

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