Nuit Noire – Dystopian Society (2018)

Although Italy is mainly the country that has appropriated the Industrial Techno scene, France also abound of some labels or artists specialized in the genre. This is where Demian Records try to make its own place within this rather selective niche, with NUIT NOIRE as promoter of its future catalog, and an undeniable desire to focus on quality rather than quantity. With no information, the artist gives way to his music, which seems to be with Dystopian Society the foundations of both the musician and the label.. who may be the same person. So, is the perpend bond solid?

The first track surprises but in the good sense of the word. While we expect heavy subwoofer Industrial Techno, Ancient Workship Rituals takes a more primitive path with an excellent use of percussion, slightly supported by subtle bass but nevertheless present. It’s thoughtful, worked, smooth and fluid. The archaic atmosphere is very well transcribed and suggests a tribal aspect in a cyberpunk environment. NUIT NOIRE prepares us slowly but surely, with a subtle rising crescendo, towards what we all expect: thick fat bass. Still, we must be equipped as it should!

Take out your crowbars and smash with pace on your canisters, or take your tonfas and hammer them against your shields. Choose your side but be warned that it will hurt. Between big heavy percussions and threatening drones, Police Brutality is relentless in its execution. No-frills here; solely a sober and powerful rhythm with some scattered analog effects that are more than enough. And again, we are only talking about the introduction! Come a silent truce of a few seconds, then two warning shots warn us of an impending onslaught. The tension is right here and the drums are waiting for the signal to be able to drop all their basses. Third shot and it is war. The drones charge at the front and invade the subwoofer till saturation, then comes just behind the heavy load of kicks that are wrecking the speakers and pulverizing everything in their path. We come out exhausted, brutalized, crushed but satisfied.

Resting is out of the question. Because NUIT NOIRE goes even further in the brutality and oh… seems like the subwoofer is doing a runner under the sound of the bass line since this was mentioned. Yes, the kick of Awake My Judgment is even more massive and deep. The track is playing hard to get listened with a slow, nonchalant, languid beginning. The side that has been destroyed by the previous assault gets its breath back and prepares its counter attack. Suddenly, the bpm accelerate and all the dancefloor is on riot. Crowd is everywhere on the battlefield where valve effects, mechanical elements and other industrial sounds are showing up without warning: in rhythm first, and then gradually expanded to take the upper hand and blowing you a subtle « dance ». Delivering breeze blocks, yes, but in rhythm please!

The album finally ends on Encoded DNA Synthesis which uses the same codes as the opening title. However, where A1 felt more into line with a tribal pace that went hand on hand with a discrete futuristic atmosphere, B2 fully embraces this dystopian aspect but still with lightness, in the manner of the ethereal elements that support the percussion. Dystopian Society is thus closing smoothly – despite the fact that it is still pounding in the background – on this last track that leaves a bit dissatisfied considering the level of the previous three. It needs to be a bit picky somewhere behind such a level of quality…

If Demian Records continues to produce artists of this quality, which seems to be done already with the release of the label’s second production: She Saw the Future by ZNZL. This album is likely to be reviewed as well on the site. To come back to NUIT NOIRE, the record will certainly appeal to Old School Techno lovers: the one that goes straight to the core with a sole drum and bass as main melody, without multiple effects to the point of not knowing on which note to focus. It will be the same for the fat speaker box aficionados, who will enjoy a rodeo on their subwoofer become uncontrollable facing this bludgeoning bass.

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