Embrace Your Punishment – Nameless King (2019)

If there is a French region which is very productive in extreme Metal, check the North. We had already reviewed BALANCE OF TERROR‘s first record but today we will talk about EMBRACE YOUR PUNISHMENT. Although the first one is more traditional in the Brutal Death approach, the second is closer to the Hardcore scene. Second album of the band, Nameless King can afford the services of STILLBRITH, ANALEPSY, DEVOURMENT and INTERNAL BLEEDING. No less! But one last collaboration remains and is voluntarily omitted for the moment.

One thing is certain: it whacks hard and respite is clearly not part of the quartet’s vocabulary. We will highlight a rhythmic full of quality, alternating the Brutal Death’s gimmicks – Fallen Kingdom – and the Hardcore’s ones – For The Victory – and being backed by a wide range of modular voice depending on the situation. However, there are unfortunately always the same and recurring melodies. The distinction between the tracks remains thin and we get easily lost to seek on which title was retained this damn riff who managed to catch our attention.

EMBRACE YOUR PUNISHMENT usually lacks inspiration to stand out from the host of similar formations but, even if it sounds like the others, the band does it well. We still have noticeable changes of pace breaking the monotony before we want to move on something else. The Conqueror is the track that combines the most of these variations: from a slow and heavy chords of Brutal Death arises without warning the vicious pace of Hardcore before a blasting delivery of concrete.

It will have to go through the first half of the album nevertheless, before really enjoying the full potential of the band. Although the singer manages to master a rather wide vocal spectrum, his main growl become quickly redundant. It will be necessary to wait until Terror before the record begins to really be interesting. It’s really from this moment that the huge Hardcore influences come out; on Terror, but especially on Legacy, or even more on Master of Hate with a rhythmic inherent of its kind. It is perhaps this subtle feature that will succeed in keeping the listener in awe.

By the way, the intro of Master of Hate is just an ode to the circle-pit just before swaying a big fat slam into the pit. But wait a moment, I recognize this sound, this structure, this rhythm… The mark from BURNING SKIES is so obvious from the first notes that only a few seconds is necessary to recognize the tone of Merv’s voice. It is thus hard not to be subjective when you see one of your favorite bands being quoted as a direct influence in addition to be featured on one track.

And since this review has now lost all objectivity, we will conclude by saying that a lot of frustration emerges from this Nameless King. On one hand we have all this strength from Brutal Death with a heavyand brutal rhythm coupled with a massive Hardcore influence but on the other hand, it struggles to get out of the archetype of the genre despite a flawless quality of production. A mixed album that will either seduce or will go totally unnoticed.

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