Ecclesia – Witchfinding Metal of Doom (2017)

Nobody expects the Metal Inquisition. Especially when it comes from France. ECCLESIA proclaims with Witchfinding Metal of Doom it first edict heavily influenced by late 80″ Heavy/Doom scene of bands like CANDLEMASS, CATHEDRAL, or SOLITUDE AETURNUS, but with a modern production with falling on a over-arranged sound. Just what we need to find a raw sound.

After a short prayer, ECCLESIA renders its decision in three acts of vicious but catchy melodies. Slow and heavy riffs are mixing up well with melodic high-pitched voice with the exact amount of Cathar grunt one at the right moment. Moreover, they are subtly placed without changing the pace bringing a noticeable but likeable variation. Everything is condensing in the ecclesiastical chalice of Witchfinding Metal of Doom.

This is unfortunately only three real trials in which we are witnessing. It’s with the almost joyful but punchy chorus, on the same level as its lead guitar of Ecclesia Sathani manages to convince after its powerful intro that ECCLESIA is on crusade against every Doom heretic. Montségur, slower, supports its rhythmic with anathema while the singer offers great vocals performances and the way he can modulate them. The crescendo anger of God’s Trial never stops growing to finally release its wrath during two minutes of frenetic riffs without slowing down ending by a divine solo. Then comes the Atonement.

Short demo that runs in a loop though. Perfect syncretism between Heavy and Doom, ECCLESIA‘s proselytism will convert fans of both with Witchfinding Metal of Doom. Confess your sins!

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